Obedience puppy classes

Good Citizen Award Scheme

Puppy courses commence at regular intervals, usually every six weeks and they run for six weeks in total. The course costs just £30.00 plus a £10.00 membership fee. Our next courses are:

Wednesday January 5th 6.30pm – Mudford Village Hall

Thursday January 20th 6.30pm at Milborne Port Village Hall

Wednesday October 27th 6.30pm – Mudford Village Hall (full)

Thursday October 28th 6.30pm at Milborne Port Village Hall (full)

Click on any of the above dates to be taken to an application form to register for a place on one of these courses.

The course is structured and includes both learning and socialisation opportunities. The course includes:

  • Learning how to teach your dog simple cues (sit, stay, etc)
  • Gaining and keeping your puppy’s focus and attention.
  • Teaching impulse control – helping your puppy to think before acting.
  • Constructive learning through play.
  • Socialising puppies and overcoming fear
  • General tips on health, welfare and making your puppy a happy member of your family

You and your puppy will then be awarded a rosette and certificate. You will then have to option to proceed to the Kennel Club Bronze class.

Click this link for the Good Citizens Puppy Award information from the Kennel Club.

If you would like to sign up for one of our upcoming courses please click on the dates above to completer the application form for that course. If you would like more information please contact us.


Puppy agility classes

Due to trainer availability, we are not looking to run a foundation agility course at present.

Agility training can not be started until your dog is 12 months old. When availability allows, we offer a foundation agility course for dogs aged 6 months+. This course will teach you and your dog the basics needed for future agility training and will introduce your dogs to the equipment.

The Foundation Agility Course is designed for young dogs from 5 or 6 months to 12 or 15 months. All of the training takes place on the ground – there is NO height involved with the jumps thus avoiding undue pressure on young dog’s joints. The following foundation skills will provide a good grounding for adult Agility classes or will just benefit you and your dog for basic training and obedience.

Amongst other things, you and your dog will learn:

  • Wait
  • Release and reliable recall commands
  • Self control
  • Directional commands
  • Play with and without toys and with distractions
  • Basic principles of following your body language
  • Target training
  • Working away
  • Basic contacts
  • …and other important skills.

The classes are very small and as all classes at Sherborne Vale, positive reward based following modern teaching and learning methods for the dog AND the handler.

Please call or email to be put onto our waiting list or for any other information.