Obedience training ranges from very basic training, such as teaching the dog to respond reliably to basic commands such as “sit”, “down”, “come”, and “stay”, to high level competition within clubs, where additional commands, accuracy and performance are scored and judged.

At Sherborne Vale we start our training with the Good Citizen Puppy Award when possible. The course is for six weeks in total and costs £25.00.

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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award

Following this very basic grounding is the Kennel Club Good Citizens Bronze award.

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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Silver Award

By now you will have gained a good understanding of basic obedience with your dog. If you then decide to progress further you can continue your training and move on to the Silver Good Citizen award.

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The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Gold Award

If you are then confident enough and keen to move on, we offer training for the Gold Good Citizen Award.

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Many of our trainers have competed in obedience. They are able to share a wealth of knowledge and advice with you if you wish to do the same.

Click on the link below to see a few of our classes, starting with our new puppy class on their first week right through to the Gold class.

Classes are just £4.00 per week.

Every dog and owner are different and work at their own pace. This is why rather than have set courses we offer a week by week approach. Then, when you are ready we arrange for you to take your Good Citizen Award.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.