Using the booking form at the bottom of the page is taken as confirmation that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions below.

Terms and Conditions for Sherborne Vale Good Citizen Classes


Directions to your preferred venue will be sent out after booking if you are a new class member.

Oak Cottage, Middlemarsh. It is very important that you do not arrive more than 10 mins before your class begins and you must have left within 10 minutes of your class finishing as there is only space for the cars from one class at a time. As we are guests in someone’s private garden please do give your dog ample opportunity to toilet before they arrive. Dogs will be dogs, however, and inevitably toileting will still take place, so you will need poo bags and will have to take the waste away and dispose of it off-site.

Mudford Village Hall.  Parking is opposite the hall and there is a park (on-lead only) behind the car park for exercising your dog. This venue is wheelchair accessible.

Milborne Port Village Hall. This venue has excellent parking facilities and dogs can be exercised on the grounds. Please obey any signage restricting access to dogs and pick up after your dogs. There are several bins for dog waste. This venue is wheelchair accessible.


Oak Cottage, Middlemarsh.The venue we are using has a gate between the training area and the road but it is not impossible for dogs to escape over or under the gate and get on to the road. There is also a substantial wooded area on the property, which your dog might want to explore. You should consider the venue no more or less secure than a public park near a road. Consequently, no dogs below Silver Good Citizen level should be working off-lead at any time. Owners or handlers of dogs in the Silver and Gold class may make their own assessment of risk but owners/handlers of dogs are entirely responsible for the safety of their own dogs. No instructor will tell you that you must work off-lead, it is always the responsibility of the owner/handler to decide.

All owners/handlers may want to consider getting a long line. This is not a requirement, you can work on a standard lead but a long line is an excellent training tool, allowing you to safely and gradually increase the freedom your dog gets as their obedience skills improve, and these will be useful in many situations, not just for the classes. These are widely available on-line (Google ‘recall training lead’), a 5 or 6m line will be plenty. We will demonstrate their use but for safety they should always be attached to the back ring of a harness and never wrapped around the handler’s hand or arm.

Mudford Village Hall The front door will ‘on the latch’. Please ensure you pull the door closed behind you so dogs can not get out of the front door onto the road.

Milborne Port Village Hall The venue management ask us to lock the front door during classes so please try to arrive on time as it will be difficult for us to hear you knocking on the front door once class has started.

Who can attend?

Please limit yourselves to a maximum of 2 people per dog wherever possible to give enough space to work.

Please stay away if –

  • you have any symptoms of coronavirus (a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste)
  • you’ve tested positive for coronavirus – this means you have coronavirus
  • you live with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive
  • someone in your support bubble has symptoms or has tested positive

Please don’t bring your dog if –

  • your dog has a persistent cough or abnormal nasal discharge
  • your dog has sickness and diarrhoea
  • your dog is in season

Since all places are strictly limited and pre-booked it is important that you email us if you cannot come for any reason, so that we can offer your space to someone else.

Social Distancing and Covid19 rules

Please spread out in the venues to provide 2m distancing between yourselves and your neighbours whenever possible. Face coverings are now optional.

Only two people are allowed in the toilets at any time at the village halls. Please note there are no toilet facilities at Oak Cottage.

Please keep the touching of other people’s dogs (no matter how temptingly adorable!) and equipment to a minimum. Instructors will have hand gel and masks in case dogs/equipment need to be passed from one person to another.


Please do not bring toys that roll, such as balls, as these are likely to be knocked by the dog into a neighbour’s work area and lead to a break down in social-distancing. Please see our Good Citizen page for full list of equipment that will be useful for each class.

At Oak Cottage you will be working outside so you need to be responsible for your dog’s welfare in all conditions e.g. water and water bowls if hot, rainwear if you have a dog that might become chilled when wet. Since we are working in the evening, normal hot weather should not be a problem, but if we have extreme weather, (either heat or severe rain) we may need to cancel a class. We will work in the rain unless it is severe so please dress accordingly.

Payment and Booking You will need to book weekly using the forms below for ‘Pay and Play’ classes (i.e. classes with no set course length). If you find that you can no longer attend a booked class please email us and we will delete your booking. If you don’t let us know before midday on the day of your class we will add the booking to your bill, so failure to let us know is likely to result in you being charged for the lesson. We will invoice Bronze, Silver and Gold members at the end of each 6 week period (i.e. to keep payments in line with our Puppy courses) according to how many sessions you have attended. Payment by BACS is preferred or by cheque in a sealed envelope with your name & your dog’s name written on it.

Members Booking

To make booking the limited spaces as fair as possible you must book here WEEKLY and no booking before this week’s classes have finished @ 9.15pm (for the following week’s class) will be accepted.

Follow this link to book for Good Citizen classes at Mudford – Bronze, Silver and Gold booking form

Follow this link to book for Rally Improvers classes at Milborne Port – Rally Improvers booking form

Non-members Booking

If you have not trained with us before please complete our Bronze Good Citizen New Class Member Booking Form which asks a few questions so we can get to know you and your dog. We will then email you with the next available class. If you have a Bronze Good Citizen certificate from another club and want to enter straight into Silver or Gold please also use this form and let us know when we email you.

Puppy class booking

For Foundation Puppy class bookings (for dogs 9 months or less at the start of your preferred course start date with no prior training), please book here. See our Puppy Classes page for future dates.