We are pleased to announce we now have a qualified instructor, please contact us for details of classes.

What Is Hoopers?

Hoopers is both a competitive sport and a great activity with your dog

The first thing you notice about Hoopers is that it is super FUN for both dogs and handlers – based on the dogs love of running at their natural gait. The second thing you’ll notice it that it is free flowing and low impact; there are no tight turns, abrupt deceleration, weaves or standard contact equipment which makes it great as a fitness activity either on its own, alongside agility or other dog sports or, in many cases, a perfect outlet for dogs with previous injuries, those with age against them or particularly large or tiny breeds.

Hoopers is a sport in which dogs follow a set course to pass through hoops and tackle other obstacles. Hoops are roomy and only 80cm tunnels are used, making it comfortable for large and giant breeds to negotiate as well as those with tiny legs. Tunnel entries are always straight and there are no tight wraps, turns or weaves which make it great for ‘long wheel based’ dogs and those not quite so bendy.

For those who decide to compete there are 5 levels to progress through via the accumulation of qualifying points, not class wins. This means that any dog that runs clear gains the same standard progression points, regardless of class placings and who ran fastest. The emphasis is on free flowing, not breakneck speed! This also means that a loping Newfoundland can progress at the same rate as a whizzy Terrier and that success is borne of good training and handling and not purely natural athletic ability.

As well as the chance to compete (or if you don’t wish to compete) there are also Good Hoopers Awards, an exciting non-competitive award that assesses dog and handler over set criteria to be crowned a “Good Hooper”. Bronze, Silver and Gold plus a foundation Puppy award all test the basic training, behaviours and skills required, in a non-competition environment. Awards include a certificate and beautiful rosette.